Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Joining Creative Every Day!

Lots of transitions occurring and I had planned to join the November Art Every Day here goes!  Can't wait for November 1!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Women Create ND--Let's Meet at the Memory Shack Next Week!

Thanks to Michelle Tait, we'll meet at the Memory Shack in Bismarck next Sunday!

She's offering to share resources, which I LOVE!  Thanks so much, Michelle!

So, Sunday, September 18th, 1 p.m. at the Memory Shack!!

See you all there!


Trying something new!

Just posted a bisman online ad for Women Create ND! I'd really like to meet other women who create things here in Bismarck. I'm also aware that this is the weekend Dakota Woman Song would be going on, if not for our epic flooding. So I'm casting out the line....!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creativity Course has begun

I realize this will not be like my usual posts, with images and just a little text.

I have been doing the beginning work of a course on creativity resources.  Meanwhile, my husband got fired from his job.  So here I am--we are--looking again at "creatively" forming our lives around less money, less stability, less, less, less.  But, I am SO good at living in the margins and I am also SO good at walking away from my creativity and needs when I think someone else needs those energies more.  My task at this time is to stay my course, despite the crises around me.

Toward that end, I was off to the Bismarck Public library yesterday to see what books they had on creativity.  Of course, I was expecting the crafty version of the genre, but actually found many other kinds of titles (and content) containing that word.  It got me thinking.  I--we--believe that creativity is an inherent human trait and not confined to one kind of expression.  So I checked out books on using creativity in all different kinds of contexts.  However, most of the resources fall in the realm of self-help, reclaiming one's life, opening up to possibilities, creating/reclaiming happiness.  An interesting set of ideas.

I say this because in the midst of this crisis, I have been experiencing a burst of creativity myself.  I have pulled up an old mode of creating--pieced fabric jackets.  Each has a process:  to the fabric store to find the one "perfect" fabric.  A textile with pattern that holds my attention, makes me think about it when I leave the store.  I then "hunt" for up to six other textiles to go with it--patterns that enhance or counterpoint the first one.  The process is SO pleasurable!  Holding up the fabrics, imagining the possibilities!  I get them cut, usually only 1/4 yard of each.  These get torn up into strips and sewn back together into strip-quilted, yummy combinations.  Finally, the quilt blocks are pieced into a basic jacket shape and VOILA!

My goal today is to videotape the process of one of these jackets and make a cute little film for you all to watch.  Kind of an cross-over between my technology for creativity course and my creative resources course.

An additional realization is that the WWW is a HUGE place with lots, and lots, and lots of people posting and doing great work around creativity.  Most every website/blog I visit has the opportunity to do an online course or e-learning.  This is a way that people are making money with their creativity.  I am interested to try some of this, but again, going back to the "husband just lost his job" idea, I will keep to what I can do myself, here at my laptop with the resources I have.

Till later,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm back!

Here's a background for a powerpoint slide from my current work on my job.  I haven't photographed physical work in a while, but I am working a lot in metal right now.

I am taking a class on blogging, wikis and podcasts, so I think I might learn a little more about how to use a blog!

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