Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Away

Time for adventure and restocking supplies in Minneapolis.  Also time to take stock of myself, as relates to my former hometown and the choices I continue to make to live more rural (sleepy, lovely Bismarck).

What I wrote this a.m.:

I am always surprised at the "nature" of things in this metro area.  Of necessity, the relationships between people and things becomes primary.  Nature/wilderness is more a matter of backdrop, rather than foreground.  The forces of nature, unless extreme, are pretty much conquered.  This is NOT to say that the wilderness of ND is primary for people.  There is just a lot more space in between humans and so the natural world plays a larger part. 

However, there are humans here who seek the wild, but I wonder if it isn't for a purpose?  But hold on.  When rural folks seek the wild, it is for their purposes, too.  If I seek the wild, I do so for my own purposes.  Is this because the wild is so large, so expansive, that it doesn't seem possible to do something for its sake--other than leave it alone??

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